What is mobisec?

Mobisec is a client server application that verifies if your mobile application is exposed to design, concept, implementation vulnerabilities.


missionIts competitive differencial is that besides static reviews that other market solutions already offer, Mobisec can verify also the structure, the design and the components integration are safe, and grants that your mobile application has been implemented correctly before being distributed and installed on your customers devices without risks or know vunerabilities.

Protect your Business
Protect your Big Data
Protect your Assets
Protect your Information
Protect your Customers.

Mobile can give you a lot of advantages in order to provide better service levels and most of all it allows you to gather a lot of information on your customers behavior, attitudes. Mobile can give you the big data you need to know your customers, in a more personal way. Mobile can give you a direct connection with your customers wherever they are. Always.

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Mobisec is a unique product. To use an analogy from the world of medicine, existing security analysis and antivirus applications run on a “diagnosis and remedy” basis.¬†Mobisec Security Analysis is not a “diagnose and remedy” doctor.

Instead it is more of a geneticist. It checks the core functions, design patterns, product architecture and models to both check and prevent the risk of known security threats.

We help our partners to protect their mobile properties, their business, their Data, their assets, their customers. Your apps must be safe by design.


Nowadays your customers data are your most valuable digital asset.
Some of the biggest players in the market already knows it and they’re costantly investing in data harvesting, data mining and profiling.
Knowing one brand customer behavior means knowing the right sale and service strategy as well as the counter sale and service strategy to win in the competition.
We all know we need to share some informations with the device vendors and the service providers, but are you really aware off what you are sharing with them for adv, business or service purpose and what of your data is left behind by mistake?

But what if your mobile app is not that safe?

What if you don’t just share with others what is needed for your service and business purpose, but your app left behind a lot of infos just by desing and implementation bad practice?

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About us

We are an experienced team (more than 20 years on the field) in the ICT Italian and international scenario.

Each of us from different experiences of consulting, system integration, digital communication, security assessment and security analysis. We are long-term professionists, working in the Italian and international market (USA, Latam, Europe, India, Asia), grown up within the biggest international tech and consulting companies.

We have engineered and perfectioned in our product all the know-how and the competence that the market always appreciate on our professional standing.
Our competencies, combined to trustworthiness, joined the concreteness of the solution with the guarantee and forsight of a enterpreneurial legacy amongst the first in Italy and Europe.

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