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 We help your developers to reduce risk of data breach with AI-powered testing and human support.

We perform black box testing. This means you don’t share any internal information with us. We help you determine the best way to evaluate and enhance your app security.
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Trusted by top organizations

 We love working with them, testing their mobile apps and helping their developers with Continuous Security.

Test and Secure Your Mobile App.
Automatically. Quickly. Safely.


Minimize delay on your release schedule

  • First test cycle in 5 days
  • Re-test in 2 days,  thanks to AI-powered test automation
  • Reported vulnerabilities can be seen in your management tool, like Jira, Redmine, Jenkins and similar

Prioritize what’s urgent and what’s important

  • No more overwhelming lists of tasks: use the Mobisec Exploitability Score to prioritize what’s important for your specific business context
  • Special flags to point attention on high-risk vulnerabilities
  • Issue severity defined as international standard CVSS score


  • No software license to purchase, no mandatory training
  • Re-testing occurs on new app releases and OS upgrades
  • A security expert is always available to support your developers

Test like a real attacker

  • Test on physical devices, not emulators
  • Dynamic + Static analysis
  • AI-powered, human-reviewed

Mobisec is


Test → Support → Retest (instead of test+report only). Mobisec is always there to help you make real progress.

Risk score

Beside the standard severity score for a vulnerability, we estimate its exploitability in your technical and business context. This helps you prioritize the right work (instead of a list of issues with just severity).

Scorecard integration

Our overall security score helps directors and top executives to track progress with the mobile app security in the company scorecard.

Ways to use it

Augment your existing Security Team

Extend your security practice to cover the mobile surface of attack. Mobisec is Security-as-a-Service, effective immediately, with no need to purchase software tools or get training.

A Mobile Red Team to challenge you before real attackers do

Test your app security through an independent appsec party. Mobisec provides a black-box security testing service that doesn’t need access to the source code or other privileged information that is not available to an actual attacker.

Quantify your risk of using apps developed by others

If you publish or use mobile apps developed by others, get a risk assessment about their security for your external and internal users.
Mobisec can quickly run a re-test every time the app is updated. This allows you to accept and use the new release with confidence and no delay.



Submit your app to Mobisec, by uploading the package file or linking to the app store.


Mobisec tests the app and sets up a meeting with an expert to walk you through the report, the risk scoring and the technical suggestions.


Your team prioritizes the issues using the Mobisec scoring, fixes the top issues and re-submit the app for a re-testing.