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It's important to make sure your apps are secure, so you can protect your business from breaches.

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Mobile Security


Mobisec Dynamic Security Analysis helps you improve the security of your mobile apps to protect them from attackers. As they target apps, especially mobile ones, it’s important to protect them. Apps can become Trojan horses, risking customers and company reputation.

Mobisec DSA

Security Assessment

Consulting on security

We take a comprehensive approach to security, making sure our clients’ mobile and web apps meet the highest standards. With security-by-design training and consultancy services, we help you secure your products from the start. Device security is also important. Even minor configuration errors or incorrect policies can significantly impact overall security, especially for VIPs or C-levels.

Mobisec Security Assessment

Web Security

Mastering WAPT for Web App Security

It's really important to make sure your web apps are secure these days. With attackers always looking for ways in, it's more important than ever to find vulnerabilities so you can put measures in place to protect customer data and your company’s reputation.

Mobisec WAPT and API

Mobile Data Intelligence

HiWave: Turn Data into Company assets

Data is the most valuable asset. Whoever gathers and analyzes it best wins. Most data gathering solutions are industry-specific or limited in scope. How about HiWave? It’s industry-agnostic, collects data from numerous devices and contexts, and is flexible enough to produce any desired outcome. No other solution matches it.

Mobisec HiWave

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