Young but strong, Mobisec is one of the most interesting company in the international scene with a unique method of testing for the mobile applications.

Thank to our know-how and our good results in the mobile security field we’ve been invited to several events to promote about our service and discuss about the importance of give a secure app not only for the customer but also for the company.

Pioneers 500

22-25 May 2016, Vienna

The Pioneers500 is an annual selection of the 500 most promising early-stage tech startups identified in cooperation with the global tech community and select key players.


5th national congress of Telemedicine and Electronic Health

14-16 April 2015, Rome

The SIT – Italian Telemedicine @ e-Health Society is an association constituted with public action, apartitica, apolitical and nondenominational, with boundless duration in the time and without purposes of profit that it operates in national and international circle, favoring the contacts among the researchers, the experts and the students of the subject.