Nowadays your customers data are your most valuable digital asset.
Some of the biggest players in the market already knows it and they’re costantly investing in data harvesting, data mining and profiling.
Knowing one brand customer behavior means knowing the right sale and service strategy as well as the counter sale and service strategy to win in the competition.
We all know we need to share some informations with the device vendors and the service providers, but are you really aware off what you are sharing with them for adv, business or service purpose and what of your data is left behind by mistake?

But what if your mobile app is not that safe?

What if you don’t just share with others what is needed for your service and business purpose, but your app left behind a lot of infos just by desing and implementation bad practice?


Are you really willing to give your competitors all of your core assets?

  • Your Big Data
  • Your Business Data
  • Your Customers behaviors
  • Your Customer profiles
  • Your Core sales Informations

We don’t think you want to give some advantages to your league strongest players. But we are afraid you’re already doing it.
Your mobile app can store, elaborate, save and manage a lot of informations about your users and your customers. You need to take in consideration the policies of your app in order to be sure that all of these informations are written where they have to be written, are stored in a safe filesystem or db entity and they could be accessed by third parties “living” in your customers device only when, where and if you want. You just need to be in control of all your sensitive data and your local data to use them for YOUR purposes and not for others’.