Mobisec is a client server application that verifies if your mobile application is exposed to design, concept, implementation vulnerabilities.


missionIts competitive differencial is that besides static reviews that other market solutions already offer, Mobisec can verify also the structure, the design and the components integration are safe, and grants that your mobile application has been implemented correctly before being distributed and installed on your customers devices without risks or know vunerabilities.

Protect your Business
Protect your Big Data
Protect your Assets
Protect your Information
Protect your Customers.

Mobile can give you a lot of advantages in order to provide better service levels and most of all it allows you to gather a lot of information on your customers behavior, attitudes. Mobile can give you the big data you need to know your customers, in a more personal way. Mobile can give you a direct connection with your customers wherever they are. Always.

Which are the risks you are facing, when your mobile application is not compliant to security, safety and protection standards?
Your mobile app can be a vector to access your customers accounts, to access their personal data, to operate in their accounts and make any operation, but, worst of all, through your mobile apps hackers are potentially in direct connection with your data, your legacy services, your company informations, your business assets.
Through malicious code, through fake applications, but also within totally legitimate apps, others can have access to a lot of informations your app stores in filesystem or sends and receives through the network or manages and elaborates during your app usage.
In order to avoid that your app MUST BE designed, implemented and structured in order to give the less potential disclosure to anything that runs or interacts with your customers devices.

Your customers devices are exposed to a lot of vulnerabilities.
Risks can come from your app design, your app implementation, your app functional patterns, your app components, from the operating system equipped in your customers’ device, your customers’ device hardware components, other apps installed on your customers devices, wrong app – servers communication configurations, and in the combination of each of theese with the others.

It’s a really tough job to consider all the variables of your audience.

You know that your customers can have different device / Os combinations so some of them could have an iPhone 5 with iOs 8.x, some others could have an iPhone 6s with iOs 9.0, some others an iPhone 6 Plus with iOs 9.2.1, as well as a Samsung Galaxy s5 with Android 4.x or a Nexus 7 with Android Lollipop 5.x. and these combinations can carry different, peculiar, vulnerability conditions.