We can find different security solutions on the market, but they only ensure static security verifications or malware/virus scan.
That is not what Mobisec Security Analysis has been released for.

Borrowing from scientific world, security check applications or antivirus run on a diagnosis & remedy base.

Mobisec Security Analysis is not a doctor, is more like a geneticist, that check base rationals, design patterns, product architecture and models to check and prevent not only declared security problems, but also all those defects and design errors that may incur in security threats, combining security blueprints and guidelines with design and architectural and implementation models.

Competitors Mobisec Security Analysis
Diagnosis & remedy 1 at a time (medic) From design, to implementation, to dynamic use (geneticist)
Short term validity Every day during the whole life cycle of the app
3 to 5 weeks for a security report 1 to 2 days for a security report
EXPENSIVE for a one-time full security analysis Cheap fee for a year subscription (infinite runs, infinite reports)
Analysis carried within the app sandbox Analysis carried on the app sandbox, communications with other apps and with the OS even when in background