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Your First Step into Mobile Security

Mobile devices are vulnerable to various threats, including malware, phishing, data breaches and more. Without security measures in place, your personal data, financial information and even your identity could be at risk. As the use of mobile applications continues to grow, so does the need for robust mobile security.

Discover Vulnerabilities

Let us tell you a truth: 98% of apps tested have at least one vulnerability. What is even more worrying is that 37% of these vulnerabilities are considered high-risk.

This revelation underscores the critical importance of addressing mobile applications security head-on.

Go Beyond the Surface

We have a comprehensive and proactive approach to mobile security, unlike other cybersecurity companies.

We go beyond the surface and examine both the development logic of the app and its security by conducting tests on real devices in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Analyze the Real World

We analyze the real behavior of mobile applications.

By testing on actual devices, we replicate the conditions experienced by users and uncover vulnerabilities that would remain hidden through static analysis or emulator-based assessments.

Take Action

Understand the potential risks and take proactive measures to protect your users’ data, maintain your brand’s integrity, and prevent costly security breaches.

Invest in mobile security and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your mobile world is safe.

Ways to use it

Augment your Security team

By analyzing how devices behave in real time, Mobisec allows you to uncover vulnerabilities that would otherwise remain hidden in static or emulator-based assessments. By capturing a rich data set, it ensures that your development and security teams work better and faster.

One of Mobisec’s outstanding features is its seamless integration with your existing systems. Our experienced team will tailor a deployment structure to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring seamless alignment with your workflows and standards. Your development and security teams can focus on the key issues and improve the security of your mobile applications.

Mobisec offers a fast turnaround, delivering initial feedback on the security of your app within just 5 days – a significant improvement on the market average of 2 weeks to a month for manual test feedback. Our detailed reports not only highlight vulnerabilities, but also categorize them according to their risk level, ensuring that your teams can effectively prioritize your security efforts.

Mobisec doesn’t just point out the problems; we also suggest targeted measures and provide consulting support to help you solve security problems efficiently. In addition, subsequent test feedback and reports on the same app are delivered within a few days, ensuring that your mobile app security is always up to date.

Achieve and maintain compliance

Our primary objective is that you achieve and maintain the security of your mobile applications, from the design phase through to deployment.
By adhering to the OWASP-MASVS, we ensure that our testing services remain up-to-date and adaptable to the ever-changing threat landscape.

Mobisec doesn’t stop at identifying vulnerabilities; we go the extra mile to assess their potential impact on your business. Armed with critical data, we provide guidance on how a breach could jeopardize your operations, enabling you to take informed action to protect your organization.

Our dynamic analysis provides a highly accurate assessment of your application’s security posture, minimizing false positives and false negatives. This ensures that the vulnerabilities identified are real threats that require immediate attention.

We take a comprehensive view of mobile security, ensuring that all aspects of your application are thoroughly examined. This includes not only the code but also the infrastructure, APIs, and third-party integrations, leaving no stone unturned.

We conduct tests on real devices to mimic real-world scenarios. This approach helps us identify vulnerabilities that may only manifest themselves under certain conditions, ensuring your application’s resilience in real-world use cases.

Stay ahead of cyber threats.

Let us help you determine the best way to evaluate and enhance your app security.

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